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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 17, 2011 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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storm by later tonight. maximum winds right now 35 miles per hour if it becomes a tropical storm its name would be brett. the good news is, the forecast track really keeps it away from land. we're expecting it to kind of turn up to the north and away from the coast. we might get cloud cover and rough surf as a result of this. mostly heavy showers for the bahamas. >> thanks so much. a look at one of our top stories. a key adviser to afghan president hamid karzai and a member of afghanistan's parliament were killed today. at least three attackers entered the home of jan mohammed kahn, the former governor of one province. they killed him, his security detail and the parliament member. minutes ago i talked by phone with cnn's david ariosto in kabul. >> just moments ago we spoke with both nato and afghan officials. this gun battle that has been raging since about 8:00 p.m. local time here in kabul
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continues. what we've learned is that afghan security forces are being led by afghan national police. this is significant because nato and part of the transition made it clear that they're intent on positions more and more authority towards afghan forces. today was actually the first day of the transition period to be extended over the next two years. >> the taliban is claiming responsibility for the attack. the murdoch phone hacking scandal in britain has claimed its first public official. just hours ago, britain's top cop suddenly resigned. his resignation comes on the same day police arrested a top murdoch executive. let's bring in cnn's atika shubert. atika, is there a connection between the resignation and the arrest of that top murdoch executive? >> well, there are basically two different strands of the same scandal. in the place of sir paul stevenson, the topmost senior police officer here in britain, he basically resigned because of
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increasing intense scrutiny over the relationship between the metropolitan police and "news of the world." that tabloid that was shut down because of those phone hacking allegations. and basically there was a former "news of the world" editor, neil wallace, who it turns out was paid by the metropolitan police to be a communications consultant. sir paul stevenson was taking a lot of flak for that. now, he resigned saying he feels he's done nothing wrong, his integrity is intact, he says. however, he does feel that these allegations are distracting from the metropolitan police's police work. and for that reason, he has decided to resign so he can focus only on those allegations and the police can get on with doing their work. >> meantime, atika, murdoch executive rebekah brooks, she still is being questioned at this hour after more than seven hours at the police department? >> she is. it's now gone late into the
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evening here. it's about almost 10:00 at night. and, you know, the thing is, she went in this morning because she had an appointment to talk with police investigators. but her spokesperson tells us she did not expect to be arrested when she walked in the door. but that's exactly what happened. she's now been there late into the night answering questions. we're still waiting for word. of course, this is going to have an impact on her hearing on tuesday. she was supposed to be grilled by lawmakers. it's not clear now if she gets released exactly if she will actually be able to attend that hearing. >> and still scheduled to answer questions before parliament would be rupert murdoch and his son, james murdoch, as well, right? >> that's right. they're supposed to be alongside her. there's really only so much all three of them can say as this police investigation is going on. rebekah brooks, if she's released and allowed to attend she probably can say even less because she can't prejudice the investigation. and also she could be in danger of incriminating herself. >> atika shubert, thanks so much from london.
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keep us posted on that. meantime, in germany, it's an incredibly exciting final match at the women's world cup soccer tournament. and it's not over yet. apparently it's in overtime with team usa scoring two goals and japan with one. any predictions of a blowout by either the hot favorite of usa or the sentimental favorite of japan, all wrong so far. cnn's zain verjee is at the game in frankfurt, germany. wow, with the cheers right now, what's happening? >> if you can hear me, japan just missed a goal very closely. the u.s. is breathing a huge sigh of relief. u.s. is 2-1 up, is the score. they are minutes away from making history. boy, this has been such an electric match. abbey wombach just moments ago
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with alex morgan. there was kind of a miscommunication in the u.s. defense line. and japan was able to make it 1-1. but the u.s. scored the first goal in the 68th minute. they are playing superbly. they've been the strongest team. they have shown amazing stamina and a never say die attitude. japan was a little bit nervous before, but they are coming back in full force. there is is cheering for both sides in the stadium around me. and in a few minutes, the u.s. will be able to clinch the 2011 world cup if they can hold off the determined and highly skilled japanese. >> oh, my goodness. how exciting. that's incredible. zain verjee, thanks so much. keep us posted there from frankfurt. let's check out what some of the fans here state side are saying and thinking about this nail biter of a tournament. susan candiotti is in manhattan at a german bar or pub or
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eatery. oh, they're cheering "go, usa," aren't they? >> reporter: it's hard to turn away from the game to talk to you. i just can't take it. anyway, we got -- i've got japan fans over here. usa fans over here. so japan cheering defense. uh-oh. uh-oh. they just tied it up. japan just scored. oh, man. it's a wild scene here. a lot of happy people and sad people. >> okay. i know. susan can't hear us. they are excited. it's 2-2 now. it's tied up. already they were in overtime. the u.s. seemed like they were just maybe seconds away from clinching this title and now japan has scored yet another point. so now we're back to being tied.
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can you hear me now, susan? >> reporter: yeah, i can hear you now. so let's talk to -- tell me your first name. what do you think of what's happening right now. >> i'm not worried. i think the u.s. is a better team. >> reporter: you still think the u.s. will be able to pull it off? >> with wombach in there, yes. >> reporter: tell me the emotions you're going through right now. >> it's a little unbelievable that they scored. i think hope solo just came off of a little bit of a jolt, wasn't quite ready. you also get back in there. they've proven it time and time again. they're going to win. >> reporter: there you go. you see, even she can't look at me long enough to do the interview. everyone's eyes are glued to the set here, obviously. >> very exciting. okay. >> reporter: we'll get back to you as soon as it's over. i hope we get the ending, right? >> we're going to get right back to you. right now we're going to go to tokyo where we know people are incredibly excited there, too. paula hancocks has been there
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with a very quiet crowd who was watching last time we checked with you. now they must be exuberant. >> reporter: they just went absolutely berserk just a couple of minutes ago. tables were being toppled because people jumped up so quickly. i got hugged by complete strangers. everyone was so excited. the passion is back in this room. everybody believes that tokyo -- that japan can now go on to win this. of course, they have been quite quiet for a while. people have thought maybe that was it, that was the end of it. but twice they've thought they were out of the game and twice japan has pulled it back. there is such excitement here. and, of course, in japan it is more than just a game of football. it is more than winning the world cup. the whole nation is behind this one team, the team that has gone further than they ever thought they would. and look at this atmosphere.
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this is incredible. >> fantastic. okay. well, we can understand why the people there in japan are so incredibly excited after all they've been through with the tsunami and earthquake early in the year. now they have something super to cheer about. what you're looking at now, on the left-hand screen you've got japan. down on the bottom there in the center, that's washington, d.c., where people are glued to the television sets. then in the upper right hand corner in new york. people cheering on usa, cheering on japan, while it is tied up now, 2-2, japan and usa women's world cup final in frankfurt, germany. of course, just down the street from that restaurant or pub in washington, d.c., at the white house with our first family, they, too, are watching the game. here's some of the first official white house photographs just released here showing the president, first lady and daughters saw shsha and malia transfixed. some snacks there, too. watching the game just like everybody else.
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glued to the sets. in case you're wondering, apparently the obamas are watching the game in the treaty room. part of the private residential portion of the white house. again, 2-2. overtime. japan and usa. we'll keep you posted. all right. casey anthony now out of jail. and right now still out of sight. we'll get the latest live from orlando. plus, find out if first lady michelle obama did earlier this week that has some people fussing. it's actually a connecting rod coming out to the side of the block this is a big piece of the engine block that was blown off. it's not because they ran it out of oil. they didn't change the oil. as your engine produces different particulants, you want to pick that up and take it down to the oil pan to the oil filter. so the moral of the story is, if you don't want to see your engine in a commercial with me and jim, make sure you get the works done. the works. oil change, tire rotation, $29.95 or less after rebate. only at your ford dealer. this good. this not
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today that haosni mubarak has fallen into a coma, the hospital says he has regained consciousness. cnn's fred pleitgen with the latest. >> reporter: according to medical sources at the hospital where hosni mubarak is being treated, he fell into a coma earlier today. but that only lasted for a very short time. and he has since awakened and is, quote, in stable condition. now, earlier hosni mubarak's lawyer, a man who is representing him, told cnn that mubarak had fallen into a deep coma at noon local time here in egypt from which he had not awakened. the health ministry for its part told us it had no information whatsoever as to whether or not hosni mubarak was in a coma. but also said that he was in stable condition. now, hosni mubarak's health is, of course, a major issue here in egypt. for one reason because he's due to stand trial for atrocities committed during his reign in power and also during the uprising that began here on january 25th. there have been health issues
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with mubarak since he has had to cede power earlier this year. there was an interrogation during which he felt unwell and he had to stop that. just a couple of days ago it was said that his heart had stopped and he had to be resuscitated. so certainly his health is a major concern to many people. many of those, of course, are people who want him to stand on trial. his trial is due to begin on august 3rd. at this point in time, it's anybody's guess whether or not he's actually going to be fit to appear in front of a court. fred pleitgen, cnn, cairo, egypt. today is the last day in afghanistan for general david petraeus. in a few hours he'll hand over command of nato troops there to a u.s. marine corps three star general. general petraeus will retire from the army to become director of the cia. more than 5,000 people have now fled the area where a volcano roared to life just a few days ago. it is in northern indonesia. the mountain sent smoke so high officials are worried about the effect it may have on airline
2:15 pm
flights. former south african president nelson mandela turns 93 tomorrow. tomorrow also is the second annual nelson mandela international day declared by the united nations to recognize mandela's contributions to the culture of peace and freedom. the president of venezuela is in cuba today. and it's not a matter of state. it's purely personal. president hugo chavez has chosen to receive medical treatment in havana after cancer surgery last month also in cuba. ralitsa vassileva is here. why is chavez saying this is the place i'm going to continue to get my medical treatment? >> he hasn't said why he's going to get his continued treatment. he actually got an offer from brazil's president in the facility, state of the art facility where she was treated. ultimately he decided in the last moment to go back to cuba. he has a very close relationship with fidel castro. also some say that there he will be able to control and have more
2:16 pm
limited release of information about his condition, about his prognosis. he has choesen to cast his luck there with fidel castro, the trust they have and control over the information. >> he was there once before. they removed something like a baseball-size tumor. this time if it's chemo, is it for this same problem? does anybody know? >> we don't know exactly. what we know is he's saying that he's gone there back for chemo. it's going to be aggressive. they have found that it isn't spread. whatever cancer this is. he's not saying what cancer it is. he's saying that doctors have not found that it is spread but they're going to do an aggressive chemo just in case. so that's all we know. >> apparently he has designated some of his power. he's handed off some of his duties to someone. >> for the first time in 12 years, he has handed over just a few duties to his vice president and his finance minister. but he's kept most of the powers
2:17 pm
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okay. time to take a little break from world cup soccer even though
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that's what we're all wanting to really chat about. it is down to the wire. but, hey, let's talk about some other things. >> penalty kicks. >> let's talk about other things that are kind of off radar. we think they should be on radar. >> you know, the first family is watching, of course, the soccer match. >> they are. >> as is, you know, as are a lot of people. but apparently michelle obama, the first lady, is getting a little ribbing because of some food choices that she made. >> there's a new burger joint that opened up in d.c. this week. right? it's called the shake shack. she went there for lunch on monday. and apparently what she ordered -- >> this is video from her kind of let's move campaign. >> she's known for trying to fight childhood obesity. >> what did she order? >> apparently she ordered a shack burger, fries, a chocolate shake and then a diet coke which kind of cracks me up a little. >> what's with the diet coke? >> you put it all together. guess how many calories?
2:21 pm
>> oh, boy. at least a day's. >> it's like 1,700. >> oh, wow. more than. >> well, you know, that's a tough one. people are saying, you know, how can you -- that's a tough one. >> she is there supporting the business. >> but she also has said very openly that every now and then it's okay to splurge and have a little bit -- she says she loves french fries. >> oh, gosh. don't we all. it just means you've got to get moving the rest of the week. we know she's got quite the commitment and schedule waking up at 5:00 in the morning and working out at the gym. something tells me she's burned off all those calories. >> i think if you don't splurge or do a little bit every now and then, that's when people tend to overeat, right? when you completely withdraw from some of those things. >> that is true. you can't deprive yourself all the time. >> i'm okay with it, michelle, once in a while. it's cool. >> i definitely splurge a lot. it just means you work harder to get back on track. let's talk about a little ode to marilyn monroe. that iconic image, you know.
2:22 pm
>> over the subway with the skirt. seven-year inch. >> everybody loves that. >> apparently. >> oh, my goodness. >> look how big it is. >> we've got breaking news now. world cup soccer. so those penalty kicks. this means a defeat for the u.s. is what my producer is telling me now. japan wins in that penalty kick. >> bummer. >> i know. we're sad. >> good for japan. >> especially many months after that tsunami and earthquake. they really needed this kind of lift, you know, and pick me up. >> absolutely. congratulations to them. >> let's go to tokyo, in fact. paula hancocks is there. paula, people there are over the top, aren't they? >> reporter: they are absolutely delighted. everyone here is so excited. everyone has been screaming themselves hoarse. everyone went berserk when that final penalty was kicked. there's been chants of nippon,
2:23 pm
nippon, which is japan, japan. this is so much more than a soccer match i was told for many japanese people. this was a chance for some good news. this team had gone further than anyone had expected and the entire nation was inspired by them. it is 6:30 in the morning here. look at everybody. everyone is absolutely delighted. it's not surprising, it has been a roller coaster of a match. a roller coaster of emotions for everybody here. and it is a well deserved win for japan. you can just see the delight on everyone's faces. >> oh, that's so nice. i see people who are tearing up over there, they're so excited about this. paula hancocks, thanks so much and congrats to the japanese there. they really did need that. let's go to manhattan. >> what a way to start the day. 6:00 a.m. >> that is a great way to start. let's check in with susan
2:24 pm
candiotti. she has been with fans both cheering for usa and japan from manhatt manhattan. all right. what are they saying? how are they thinking and feeling? >> hi, fredricka. we're here at zoomschneider's in lower manhattan. obviously this has put a damper on things here. usa fans clearly disappointed by chapd. let me talk to you. you've been watching every second of this game. in the end, do you have your heart in your throat? >> i feel like crying. this was the year the u.s. should have won. they had the best team out there. >> reporter: what can they walk away from with this? >> they have some young players who are incredible. morgan who scored one of the goals is 22. she has a long time to play. ten years or more on the national team. that's very hopeful. >> reporter: is there something that they could have done better do you think? >> there was a defensive
2:25 pm
mistake. i think they know it. it happens occasionally. and japan is good enough to capitalize on it. i think u.s. had the heart. just didn't come up this time as a win. >> reporter: thank you very much. it is a team with heart and certainly fans have been behind them the whole way throughout the game. even i'm losing my voice. you do have a lot of fans for japan here, too. they're whooping it up like there's no tomorrow. everyone afterwards coming together. even the owner of the bar. that's him blowing the horn. >> we heard it. >> reporter: everyone gets along. i have to say, fred, that here the sport is the winner. everyone knows it has had a great impact on getting more people involved in it. isn't that what everyone wants in the end? >> yeah. it will definitely happen. it really lit the fire. a lot of folks who may have been tepid about soccer and now they are just full bore super excited about it.
2:26 pm
susan candiotti, thanks so much from manhattan. congratulations, japan. team usa, they were amazing. what an incredible game. what an incredible tournament, period. >> huge. absolutely. >> fabulous final. >> absolutely. >> we're proud of everybody. we're going to return with a little bit left of our chat room before we move on. this was also a big harry potter weekend. >> big movie. the final one was released. it broke all kinds of records at the box office. and people really have that harry potter fever out there once again. >> in a big way. there's a dance, apparently. the harry potter. uh-huh. lisa dunn, go mama, out of ohio there came up with this. >> she's a rapping mom from ohio. >> it's called the potter. not the harry potter. >> she's an awfully cool mom. >> she really is. she got everybody there in her ohio town onboard.
2:27 pm
they're extremely excited about the whole harry potter mania stuff. >> she's a wife. she's a mother of two. she's got her own little witch's brew right there. >> all right. thanks. we had a nice little variety in our little chat room. we're going to go back to the newsroom in a moment. thanks so much, jacqui, appreciate that. we're going to be talking about casey a anthony walking free. protesters take to the streets near her parents' homes. up next, we'll take you live to orlando. automotive performance is gone. and all we have left are fallen leaves and broken dreams. oh. wait a second. that is a dodge durango. looks like american performance is doing just fine. ♪ carry on. ♪ my son and i never missed opening day. but with copd making it hard to breathe, i thought those days might be over. so my doctor prescribed symbicort.
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hospital officials say ousted egyptian president hosni mubarak has regained consciousness after falling into a coma earlier today. he is now listed in stable condition. the former president faces a trial next month on charges he ordered police to open fire on protesters. two more casualties today in britain's phone hacking scandal. last hour britain's top cop suddenly resigned, saying he didn't want questions about his leadership to distract from security for the london olympic games. his rez esignation comes just hs after a top executive in rupert murdoch's media empire was arrested in london. rebekah brooks was taken into custody in connection with the widening scandal. today is the last day in afghanistan for general david petraeus. in a few hours he'll hand over command of nato troops there to a u.s. marine corps three star general. general petraeus will retire from the army to become director of the cia. 12 days after being acquitted of murder, casey
2:31 pm
anthony walks out of jail and out of sight. our martin savidge was there for the midnight release. martin, she left right out the front door. that's not exactly what the crowd expected, right? >> reporter: no, it wasn't, fredric fredricka. good afternoon to you. you know, this case has continued to surprise people almost from the get-go. and right up to the verdict, of course, many people were very surprised, disappointed with how it came out. then of course with her release, all of this debate, all the talk about how it was going to be done and the very clandestine nature that we probably wouldn't see her at all, we'd be guessing as to one of six doors she might come out of. one of the reasons why you had the pool camera suicide so we might know in some way she was, in fact, released and see it documented. in the end what happened? she comes out the front door. there she is hand in hand with her attorney. as they come out, there is this huge crowd that blossomed in the last half hour to about 1,000 people. all television cameras. remarkable scene.
2:32 pm
helicopters flying overhead. very public. out in front of everyone to see. they get into an suv and they drive off into the darkness. helicopters try to follow it. the vehicle apparently ends up at the bank of america building which is the office of one of her lead defense attorneys, cheney mason. and then disappears. that's the end of it. that's, of course, the way the defense team wanted it to go. they were so concerned because of the death threats that have been made against her. since that time we haven't seen casey. we haven't heard from her parents. they don't seem to be speaking to her. so there is no communication as to what is going on. what was happening today, a very silent walk. a lot of people, about 150, went from the sight that's become the makeshift memorial. this is where caylee's remains were found. and they went from that spot, walked down the street, completely silent. holding signs, many of them with young children, families intact, going down the sidewalk, going to the anthony home and then they made the trip back. and for most, it was a moment of closure.
2:33 pm
is this a closure? >> this is a closure. this is as we were saying before, starting today we're just -- it doesn't matter anymore. the verdict is read. it's over. what's done is done. somebody else will take care of it in the end and we just needed to all say our good-byes. >> reporter: that's it. for many people they say they're getting on with their lives. the verdict has been made. they will move on. fredricka? >> all right. martin savidge, thanks so much from orlando. all right. across the country, the heat is taking a huge toll. take a look at what months of drought have done to this farmland in texas. and this isn't confined to the south. and then the harry potter movie. just how hot is it at the box office? it's sizzling. [ dr. ling ] i need to get the results from the m.r.i. see if the blood work is ready. review ms. cooper's history.
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announcer: when life's this hard, it's no wonder 7,000 students drop out every school day. visit and help kids in your community stay in school.
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talk about hot times in the city. we're seeing the heat index in triple digits in a lot of places. right now it feels like 100 degrees in st. louis, missouri. 102 in dallas. can you believe it feels like 107 in of all places minneapolis? the blistering heat is not only
2:37 pm
dangerous for those of us who are out in it but also for animals and crops. in texas, wheat is dying before it even gets a chance to grow. ranchers are selling off their cattle in record numbers. the drought is killing all of the grass and they can't afford to buy feed which is going way up in price. and that means we are going to see prices much higher when we go to the grocery stores. then take a look at this in oklahoma. it's so hot the asphalt is buckling on some of the roads. something tells me jacqui jeras is here to tell us not that cool days are right on the horizon. >> not so much. >> more heat for a while, right? >> yeah. i mean, this is a really significant heat wave. >> it's incredible. >> parts of texas and oklahoma have already been in it for probably a good week already. they've been seeing those buckling roads and the drought conditions are just unbelievable. but the nation's midsection. this is where you normally don't see temperatures like this. like minneapolis and chicago, take a look at the heat index in those cities.
2:38 pm
unfortunately, we're talking about probably at least until the middle of the week. so this is a sustained event. this is a long event. and those overnight temperatures are going to stay very high into the upper 70s to lower 80s. so there's really no recovery time. and that's the biggest problem is that you don't ever get a chance to cool down, unfortunately. we've got what we call a big ridge in our upper level pattern. and that means it's going to kind of stay put here. we really need another big weather system to kind of push this out. but unfortunately, you know, areas of high pressure move over to low pressure. this thing is going to kind of sit here throughout much of that week. we want to talk about minneapolis, for example, and show you what you can expect in this area. we're talking about temperatures in the upper to middle 70s throughout most of the week. and look at those overnight low. 80 degrees, 80 degrees, 79, 76. those are some very brutal and rough conditions. now let's talk a little bit about the tropics, speaking of things heating up a little bit. we got our second tropical depression developed just in the
2:39 pm
last hour. tropical depression number two that you're looking at. it's a little bit kind of unbalanced at this time. the general circulation right in here. it's north of the bahamas, well east of florida. right now the computer model is bringing it more on a track like this. at this time we're not expecting this to have much of an impact on the u.s. other than maybe choppy waters on to the coast, showers in bahamas with a couple inches of rainfall. could become a tropical storm later on tonight. if so that would be tropical storm brett. >> we're on "b" already. i missed "a." >> arlene. went into mexico. >> appreciate that. thanks so much. how do you move to the next level when your career seems to have stalled? i'll have some tips. plus i'll tell you about a record breaking performance at the box office this weekend. first, are you ready for retirement? a new study finds singles are more at risk of hitting financial hard times later in life. after the break, a look at the risk of going broke for people aged 66 to 69.
2:40 pm
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before the break we told you about a new study which found that single people are more at risk of hitting financial hurdles at retirement. here are the hard numbers
2:43 pm
according to the rand corporation. 51% of singles versus 23% of couples ages 66 to 69 are at risk of going broke at retirement. so every week we focus on ways to get a jump start in the workforce. in today's reclaim your career, i talked to financial planner karen lee, and she's the author of "where will you go from here?" actually, that is not right. that would be valorie burton. this week valorie focused on workers whose careers have stalled. make sure that you're not only looking at what is it you can do a little differently but what do other people say when they look at your career. so if there was like a hidden video camera over the last week watching you at work, would i see the passion? would i see the attitude? sometimes i think people kind of fall out of love with their
2:44 pm
jobs. >> they feel a little complacent, feel like they're, i don't know, i guess a little mundane. just in that rut. but they've got to get excited about it before anybody gets excited about them. is that what you're saying? >> that's what i'm saying. you've got to fall back in love with that job. you have to make the decision you're going to have the passion to do it. you also have to make sure people are seeing your efforts. the other thing to do is something hr departments will do. a lot of departments do a 360 assessment. you want that feed back from your boss but also customers or people who work from you and your peers. that can be hard to do. >> how are you going to do that? kind of survey folks? >> survey folks. you ask them what do you think i can improve upon? what do you think my strengths are? how do you see me in this environment? is there something no one wants to say to me but someone really needs to say to me so i can truly improve. >> then you set new and specific goals for yourself. >> be clear, very specific. where do you want to be a year from now? how much income do you want to be making? what kind of responsibilities do you want? then what do you want less of? because for a lot of people there's some things they'd like to kind of cut out of whatever their job is. and that would make them more
2:45 pm
effective. >> understand the big picture. the big picture of your company, not necessarily just your goals? >> yes. this isn't just about your goals. this is about what's the big picture for where the company is headed and where's the company right now? so many companies are dealing with change. if you're one of those people that's fighting against change, you're not probably one of the ones that's going to get promoted to that next level. they need people that are going to be resilient and flexible. when change is happening. >> valorie burton thanks so much. helping to reclaim your career every sunday beginning at 4:00. "harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2" has set worldwide records this weekend. estimates have the movie making more than $475 million around the globe this weekend. it has the biggest domestic international and worldwide openings ever. domestically it had the biggest opening tay. the largest min night debut and the best ever three-day imax run ever. lots of records set. yesterday i talked to movie critic, editor in chief of
2:46 pm
rottentomatoes pn he gave the movie very high marks. >> this is an excellent good-bye to the franchise. >> fantastic. >> there's a lot of people out there that are going to be kind of sad. this is a fantastic movie. everything you could have hoped for out of the final film. >> can you go to this movie if you haven't seen the previous ones? >> absolutely not. in fact, i hadn't seen the -- i hadn't seen part 1 since it was in theaters. i have to say i was a little bit lost for the first five minutes because it doesn't give you any prologue. it's like it comes back from a commercial break. there's no previously on "harry potter" that you get. no prologue or anything. just jumping you right in. but it's fantastic. if you followed these books, you kind of know the story. but they still make it really exciting. there's a battle scene between armies of wizards that is like nothing you've ever seen on screen before. it's a very moving film. again, it's a wonderful good-bye to these characters that we've seen on screen for ten years. >> it is unbelievable that it's had this kind of life expect
2:47 pm
tansy. what kind of grade are you giving it? >> i give harry, he gets high marks. i give him an "a." >> wow. he says go see it. coming up, steps also to reduce the amount of spam you receive. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] more people are leaving bmw, mercedes, and lexus for audi than ever before. ♪ experience the summer of audi event and get over 130 channels of siriusxm satellite radio for three months at no charge. aflac! oh, i've just got major medical...
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2:49 pm
what's ahead this week in politics. >> hey, fred. call it the battle for iowa. tomorrow former minnesota governor tim pawlenty begins a five-day swing through the state that holds the first contest in the race for the white house. all this comes a month before a crucial straw poll in iowa in mid-august. pawlenty needs a strong showing there and more importantly in iowa's february caucuses if he hopes to win the presidential nomination. possibly standing in his way fellow minnesotan michele bachmann. iowa is just as crucial for her. the congresswoman was born in iowa and is spending this weekend stumping in the state. she's on top of most of the recent polls of like lly iowa caucusgoers. wednesday, six candidates will take part in an event put on by an online tea party group. >> thanks so much, paul. for the latest political news, you know kpalexactly where to g. about 11 minutes or so from now, more of the newsroom with don lemon. >> you're good at math. >> no, i'm not. how are you? >> i'm good.
2:50 pm
i told you yesterday, i'm fascinated by this "news of the world" story or news corps. >> aren't we all. >> every single second there seems to be developments. stunning developments in the "news of the world" hacking scandal. london's police commissioner has resigned. former editor, rebecc brooks, is under arrest. the question now, fredricka, who is going to be the next to fall? i think it's already starting a domino effect. >> this is just the tip of the iceberg you know. >> i'll be speaking to our london bureau. but you're right. domino effect, don't you think? >> absolutely. it's already started. we're at the 10th arrest now. >> yeah. and, i mean, it started back in, you know, early 2000. and now it's just coming to a head. she is still being questioned by police. also we'll talk to the best political team on television about the debt ceiling. michele bachmann's husband, and mitt romney. it all makes sense. and then my interview with this lady. did you see it? the nail lady.
2:51 pm
her name is mama jazz. 26 inches long. one more inch it would be nine-inch nails times three. 26 inches long. which one is that one? >> this. >> i don't want to get close because i don't want to break them. >> that's right. >> all right, jazz. they call you mama jazz. >> right. >> ok. >> why? >> i asked her why, and she said since she was a child she grew her nails long. she stays at home. i asked her how she did certain things. how do you scratch your ear? well, you have to watch. >> really? that was the question? how do you cook? >> i had other questions. >> how are you doing stuff? >> well, we went off to her home, and she showed us a lot of those things so i didn't have to ask her live on television. but she showed us quite honestly how she folds tissue. how she cooks. how she washes her hair. >> oh, good. ok. don't ask a lady how she scratches her ear again, ok? or even a guy. i don't want to know.
2:52 pm
>> yes, ma'am, yes, dear. >> all right. we're going to look for that one at the top of the hour, don. you never know what you're going to get. thanks so much. appreciate it. ok. a rousing wake-up call for the "atlantis" straubts. astronauts. you heard this, right? ♪ celebrate good times ♪ ♪ >> that's cool and the gang, in space, next.
2:53 pm
all right. maybe you heard when we were talking about this earlier in the chat room. the japanese women's soccer team won the world cup. after beating the united states on penalty kicks. you saw the moment right there.
2:54 pm
well, you're seeing the moment now. you heard us earlier talking about it. now we have the pictures. japan won in an overtime shootout. this is japan's first-ever world title. both teams, though, were amazing. day 10 of the shuttle final mission begins with a celebration. ♪ cell ♪ celebrate good times ♪ come on and the crew has something else to celebrate. mission control says that the computer that had some sort of glitch is up and running again normally. the shuttle is scheduled to leave the space station on tuesday. and with all that junk email or spam in our email accounts these days, it's a miracle we can get anything done. in our gaming and gadget segment today, i talk to our tech guy, mark saltzman, and he gave us some pretty easy tips to use. >> go into your favorite email
2:55 pm
program settings, and you'll likely find a junk mail filter that lets you increase or decrease the sensitivity of that filter. by default, it may be on low. but, you know, in some cases it's a little slider. take the mouse and move it across so it will catch what they think is junk mail. what the program will try to guess to be junk mail with either keywords or not knowing who it's from. it's not a bad idea to see if there's any false positives. but the first tip is to definitely by default move it from low to medium or even high, within the settings. i know with outlook, it's pretty easy to find. >> ok. and then there's software to reduce the spam mail. how does that work? >> sure. there's different pieces of software out there that will also add another layer of protection from junk mail. a free plug-in for outlook is called spam fighter. it's a very powerful tool that is free to use. and so you can go to
2:56 pm and there are bigger packages from semantic and mcafee. best know for internet security solutions. and they have either as a stand-alone product or part of an internet security product they have anti-spam tools to help reduce the amount of junk mail you're getting in your inbox. thanks so much. mark saltzman helping to keep our inboxes clear. and now to the weather. another look before we start our work week. >> if you have travel plans, you're going to be impacted, especially if you're across the great lakes. that's where we are expecting to see showers and thunderstorms some this may be severe for you tomorrow. we will see some pop-up thunderstorms in florida and parts of the southeast, as well as into the four corners. mostly dry conditions across the nation's midsection, but that will continue to be one of our big weather stories here, and that's the heat, high temperatures well into the mid to upper 90s. but feeling like 100 to 115 degrees.
2:57 pm
dangerous heat. make sure you take it easy and stay in the ac if you can. >> thanks, jackie. appreciate that. i'm fredricka whitfield. thank you for hurricani hanging us earlier. top of the hour coming up next from don lemon. have a great week. rakes are goo. you've got all sorts different things that you check off. your fluid levels. pretty much everything you could need. it gets done. it gets done quickly. and it gets done correctly. the works fuel saver package, just $29.95 or less after rebate. only at your ford dealer. you're a doctor. you're a car doctor. maybe a car doctor. sure, but let me get a little information first. for broccoli, say one. for toys, say two. toys ! the system can't process your response at this time. what ? please call back between 8 and 5 central standard time. he's in control.
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